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Ambrosia Sundried Tomato Halves, 5lbs.
Plump, and moist, our Sun Dried Tomatoes are ready to eat. No need to soak...
Ambrosia Choice Red Pimentos, 14oz.
What is the difference between Fire Roasted Peppers and Pimientos? The skin...
Ambrosia Cocktail Onions, 1qt.
Beautiful, white, Silverskin Onions, are imported from Holland. Great in...
Ambrosia Stuffed Grape Leaves, 70oz.
Tender, delicious, Dolma, is a great appetizer, and wonderful snack at a...
Ambrosia Whole Belgian Carrots, 88 oz
Delicious, tender, sweet brilliant orange, carrots grown and packed in...
Ambrosia Artichoke Bottoms, 14oz.
Great item for appetizers! Fill with crab or bread stuffing!